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20 Foolproof Ways To Make A Girl Fall In Love With You

How to Make a Girl Fall in Love with You: 20 Steps to Win Her Heart

Being able to make a girl love you is one of the vital skills for any guy. Yet, a lot of guys are oblivious to this and almost always fail with women.

Consequently, if you’ve failed with ladies in the past or are unable to make a girl love you and have been wondering about how to make a girl fall in love with you – today is your lucky day.

Now, let’s find out how to have her swooning in no time.

20 Guaranteed Ways To Make A Girl Fall In Love With You

Eager to know how to make a girl fall in love with you? Well, Let’s run through the thoughts in your mind.

If you’re just like most guys, when you find yourself falling for a girl, you’ll pursue her. And then, you’ll woo her. And one or two days or a couple of weeks later, you’d confess your feelings for her.

This is flattering for girls, and she may even like you back too. But nearly all the time, this routine never works.

You need to do more than the traditional tried and tested routine if you want to make the girl of your dreams fall head over heels in love with you. You need an innovative approach. An approach that will be tailored to her likes, dislikes, and her character. And mind you, be ready to put in the time and effort required.

Why Your Assumptions Are Wrong

Most guys live on the wrong assumptions about girls. One such wrong assumption is that girls love getting guys’ attention just for fun.

This is assumption is based on the experience most guys had with girls. Imagine this, a girl will stare back, flirt, get close, and in one swift move, just back off all of a sudden and pretend like nothing ever happened.

You probably have experienced this because most guys base their assumptions on this exact experience.


20 Foolproof Ways To Make A Girl Fall In Love With You

If you want to make a girl fall in love with you, play it cool. And try to use your mind more than your heart. Avoid going all out with your guns blazing because that’s what your heart tells you to do.

Play the game with your mind instead. Take calculated risks with each new step, especially if the girl you love doesn’t like you just yet.

Below are 20 ways how to make a girl fall in love with you, and as long as avoid a reckless streak, you should be well on your way to winning her heart in no time.


1. Love Yourself First And Foremost

Want to make a girl fall in love with you? Then read the line above again.

Do you truly love yourself? you must answer this question first.


The world sees you the way you see yourself and you can’t force the world to see you contrarily from whom you are. You have to love yourself first before you can make a girl love you.

Now think of it this way, if you don’t think you’re awesome, how can you convince the world and all the beautiful girls in it that you’re an awesome guy? Fall in love with yourself and respect yourself. Then, the world will see you the same way too!


2. Be Cool – Don’t Rush Things

Thinking of ways to make a girl love you? Well, remember the saying – ‘slow and steady wins the race’. This is very true if you want to make a girl love you and build a long-lasting relationship with her.

Therefore, take your time and play it cool. Never make your intentions too clear to the girl you like, and don’t be overeager to pour out your feelings.


3. Give Her Just The Right Amount Of Attention

The easiest way to make a girl get bored of you soon is to drop your commitments and give her all your attention all the time.

You don’t necessarily have to lose yourself to make a girl love you. She’ll assume you’re a boring guy with all the time in the world to spare. So, dropping your priorities to make time for her is not going to give her the best impression of you.

Remember to stick to your routine and see your friends too. Besides, it’s important not to lose yourself when you fall in love and that is one of the easiest ways to make a girl love you.

4. Show Her That You Have A Life

You don’t have to give everything up to make a girl love you. Make your life fun-filled – Keep yourself busy and involve yourself in different activities.

Go on out there and enjoy the world. It could be by hiking or trekking over the weekend, joining a few fun clubs or even doing something new with your friends. Share this regularly on your social media if she is a follower.

The more interesting you and your conversations are, the more awed by you she’ll be. Letting her see that you have a life is one of the surest ways to make a girl fall in love with you.


5. Always Look Good

A good look can turn the first impression into love at first sight. Physique, figure, body form and physical looks are contributory factors to attractiveness.

Agreed, looks aren’t every girl’s biggest priority, but it’ll be a perk if you can look fit and healthy.

You’ll make a much better first impression with every girl you meet by looking healthy, dressing well, and smelling great. Of course, you should do this for yourself first and foremost, but it never hurts when trying to win a girl over!


6. Believe In Yourself

Believing in yourself might be a daunting task especially when you think you’re a nobody. But just because you’ve failed or think you’re failing with women in the past or are unable to impress a girl isn’t enough reason to call yourself a failure.

Start believing in yourself and your capabilities, and enjoy the world. If it doesn’t work out one time, just put it down to experience and try again. You can always learn something from every disappointment. That means you can do better next time.


7. Hide Your Insecurities Or Your Jealous Streak

It’s easy to become insecure and jealous when a girl you like is getting a lot of attention from other guys who are trying to woo her at the same time.

Never reveal your jealous streak to the girl you like in the occurrence of such a scenario. If she sees you as an insecure and jealous guy, she’ll just think you’re a creepy guy. A little bit of jealousy is cute, but only after she starts showing signs of liking you back.

Similarly, if you start telling her the things, you’re insecure about, she’s going to start digging for them. Don’t call attention to things you don’t want her to see!


8. Do Not Become Clingy

Looking for ways to make a girl love you or fall in love with you? Then, give her space. Girls hate clingy guys and frankly, they are irksome.

Girls love to have their space and so you should be mindful of this, especially when you’re trying to win her over.

Some guys like bumping into their crush intentionally thinking it will help in winning her. This is a big mistake when trying to woo a girl.

Avoid constantly staring at her each time she’s talking to some other guy. Also, avoid calling her every night. Give her some space and give her the chance to miss you. Then she’ll realize how bored she is without having you around.

9. Be The Dependable Guy

Bravery stays on top of the list of the most desirable characters every girl wants to see in her guy.

If you want to make a girl love you or want to make her fall in love with you then Be the guy she can depend on to get her out of trouble. Girls want brave and adventurous guys beside them. Men that can stand up and defend them, a man they feel secure around.

Every girl wants a man that can protect her.

Help her when she needs something. Girls love it when a guy they’re with has a protective streak. If she feels safe with you or believes you’re a guy who can handle any tough situation, you’re already in her good books.


10. Get A Thoughtful Gift For Her

Giving thoughtful gifts is one of the easiest ways to make a girl love you. You don’t have to break your pocket to do this for her. It is ideal to make sure the gift is something small or immaterial that doesn’t even feel like a gift.

Small ornament, keyring, pen, or a little something you think she’ll like are perfect examples of such gifts. How luxurious the gift is don’t matter here; the purpose of the gift is to serve as a reminder of you.

Every time she sees it, it will reminds her of you. And yet, because you haven’t told her you to like her already, it’ll make her wonder what your intentions are. That’ll make her fall for you, slowly and steadily even before she realizes it herself!


11. Flirt In A Friendly Yet Naughty Way

One of the most effective ways to make a girl love or fall in love with you is to flirt with her. If possible, try to get some alone time with her because she probably won’t flirt with you if there are other guys around.

Take it slow if you are uncertain about her feelings for you, a good place to start is by flirting as a friend.

Then, once you’re past the friendly flirting, take it to the next level. The best way to flirt with a girl and make her shed her inhibitions is by flirting while texting or while talking over the phone.

You can spice it up by becoming a little naughty, call her late in the evening when she’s in bed. Lower your tone and speak softly, and before you know it, both of you will be flirting in a way she doesn’t flirt with anyone else!


12. Use The Power Of Touch

Most guys underestimate the power of touch while trying to make a girl fall in love with them. This is an area which gives you added advantage

Look for an excuse to touch her now and then while talking to her. While crossing the street, you could place your hand on her lower back or touch her earlobe while admiring her earring. You could even linger in a hug for just a moment longer than necessary while saying goodbye.

However, do look for body language signs that she is comfortable with this. If you get the vibe that she’s not, back away a little and give her the space she needs.


13. Don’t Tell Her How You Feel For Her

For the sake of doughnuts, please don’t tell her yet. This is a big mistake, at least if you say it before she shows signs of liking you. Always leave her wondering what’s on your mind even if you’re flirting with her.

Let there be an element of surprise, make her curious and keep her guessing about your feelings.

The curiosity will make her want you already. Go out on a date or two before you even think of telling her that you like her. Remember, don’t let have you cheaply if you want a really serious relationship. You need to make her work for you and if you give it all up and tell her you’re crazy about her, she doesn’t have to put any effort in.

14. Be In Charge – Don’t Give Her All The Control

A lot of guys made the mistake of throwing all the control of a relationship over to a girl because he’s trying to woo her.

As things are getting serious between you two, try to meet her often and talk to her over the phone often. But from time to time, back off for a day or two and wait for her to call you or ask you out on a date.

To make her fall harder for you, force her to woo you and try to get your attention by making her take the effort from time to time.


15. Make Her Miss You

If you seriously want to make a girl love you, you have to find ways to make her miss you a lot.

After both of you have become close to each other, make her miss you now and then. You need to make her go through this short phase for a few days so she can realize just how much she likes you.

When you’re having an interesting conversation with her, tell her you have to go and hang up just when the conversation starts to get interesting. It’s the easiest way to help her realize how much she needs you in her life!


16. Use The Power of Scarcity To Make A Girl Love You

Scarcity is an economic element but its principles can be applied in the world of love and romance. Now, how do you feel when the news about the scarcity of a particular commodity broke out? Let me guess, you keep thinking about that commodity even if you don’t need it or have anything to do with it. I believe you are getting the idea.

Don’t always be available. One of the fastest ways to make a girl fall in love with you is to be there for her. Nevertheless, if you feel like she’s using you at any point, back off and let her know you’re busy.

If you are always available at her beck and call, you’ll end up becoming her doormat and her man Friday.

Remember, behaving like a girl’s slave will only make her lose interest and look down on you. And almost always, she won’t consider you for a serious relationship.


17. But, Don’t Be An Asshole

Being unavailable now and then while wooing a girl is a great way to let her see that you’re not always available at her beck and call. But that doesn’t mean you have to behave like a total ass. Be charming and courteous around her, and never treat her badly or disrespectfully.


18. Treat Her Like A Girlfriend

It’s never too early to start behaving like a boyfriend even before you ask her out or tell the girl that you love her.

Whenever you are available, take care of her needs, protect her, plan dates together and try to catch up with happenings in her life often. And even before she realizes it, both of you will be dating. She will be madly in love with you already!


19. Don’t Play Games

For the sake of love and a happy ending – don’t play games. Girls are quick to see through guys game playing. so, steer clear of lying, making her jealous, playing too hard to get, or being passive-aggressive or manipulative. It’s not cool and it won’t work

You might think that some of the tips we’ve given you resort to game playing, but they’re not. They’re self-preservation tips that help you to remember your worth. Obviously, by doing that, she also sees it too but it will make her love you naturally.


20. Let Others Blow your Trumpet

At this point, she should realize how fantastic you are but it doesn’t hurt to have a few words of attestation from a third party.

This is easy If you have common friends. Just get them to drop in a good word or two. If you don’t have any mutual friends, you’re going to have to be creative, but it’s always possible to find a way!

Wrap It Up!

Now you know how to make a girl fall in love with you. All you need to do is play it safe and smooth and avoid making your intentions clear right at the beginning.

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