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12 Common First Date Mistakes That Women Make

Are You Making These First Date Mistakes That Women Make?

The first date can be confusing. Women are especiall curious with questions like ‘will he like me?’, and ‘does this dress look good on me?’ ringing through their heads. And, of course, neglected the fact that there is also a whole heap of calamitous first date mistakes that women make that is a major turn-off for guys.

It might seem so, the date went great, you appeared to have a real connection and you are eager to say yes to an invitation for a second date.

Then the first date is over, you never heard from him again and you began to wonder what went wrong.

There could be many reasons why he didn’t call, but most likely, you did something that he didn’t like or appreciate. So, what might it have been?

Common First Date Mistakes Girls Make

Being who I am, I constantly hear from other men their biggest complaints about first date mistakes that women make.

Here are a few things that women should avoid on a first date if they want to get a second date. Listed below are the most common first date mistakes that women make. Enjoy the read.

1. Showing Up Late.

We know that girls are always late. Generally, women actually believe that being tardy is fashionable. Or they just act that way because they see it as ‘girls’ things. Over 50% of women admit that they have shown up late for a first date and so most never get invited for the second. The truth is that showing up late is a clear message to the guy that he wasn’t worth it to be on time.


2. Talking Too Much About Yourself

First date conversation goes smoothly when there is a balance between talking about yourself and asking your date about themselves.

Naturally, women talk more than men do and so easily made the wrong impression with it. No guy wants to hang out with you the entirety of the date just to hear you talk about yourself, especially when it’s your first time meeting them.


3. Talking Or Texting On Your Phone

A very common mistakes women make on their first date is being on the phone too much. A lot of your friends may be curious to know how the date is going and so they’ll call to check on you. Your siblings might as well follow suit.

Unless your grandmother has fallen down the stairs and needs immediate medical attention, do not take a personal call during your date. The same applies to texting. Taking out your phone and typing away during your date is similar to reaching over and slapping him in the face.

Picking calls or texting during a date is an act of disrespect to the other person. If you’re serious in getting to know someone, they should get your full attention.


4. Being Rude

Generally speaking, men do appreciate a challenge, but they still don’t want a woman who is mean. Don’t be snotty with the waiter or rude to the bartender. Don’t engage in petty activities like mocking the outfit, appearance or behaviour of another patron in the establishment. Stay classy and maintain your self-respect.


5. Mentioning Future Contact Too Soon

This is one of the tougher rules to follow. You could be discussing a book or a new restaurant in town, and casually mention that you should go to the restaurant together sometime, or that you could loan him your copy of a certain book. The problem t is that you are forcing him to make a snap decision. He has to decide if he wants to see you again before the date is over. Leave the talk of a second meeting until later.


6. Talking In A Monologue

This is one of the most common first date mistakes women made. Women like to talk when they are interested in a guy but quite a number of them do this in a monologue. The downside of talking in a monologue is that talking in a monologue is talking at him, rather than with him. If you find yourself talking for long periods at a time on a date, check yourself and ask him a question.


7. Asking No Questions

Agreed, guys usually take charge on dates and a lot of women give it to them, but the problem is that some women expect them to do all the work. And so, the guy asks all the questions, while the lady plays it all calm and relaxed, answering questions but asking none.

You are expected to ask a few questions on your first date. Not only does it give you the opportunity to know your date more but also gives you a voice in the relationship later in the future if things actually went well.


8. Asking Too Many Questions

Perhaps, you’ve read about questions to ask on a first date and possibly keep a list for yourself. While doing this doesn’t do any harm on its own yet asking 100 questions on a first date is a deal-breaker.

Nobody wants to be interrogated on a first date. If it feels like you’re firing out a series of stock, pre-planned questions, it’s going to irritate and unsettle him.


9. Being Negative

Let me put this straight to you, being negative in any of its forms is a red flag and a massive deal-breaker for most guys.

Guys don’t want to hang out with girls who put a downer on things – especially on a first date!

Being negative is a top-level first date mistakes that women make and you need to steer clear of it if you want an invitation for a second date.


10. Talking About Your Ex

It’s normal to want to criticize your ex or make fun of him, but in as much as you feel like doing this, don’t do it.

Try as much as possible to keep the conversation going without mentioning your ex.

And most especially don’t mention your ex along the lines of, “oh, my ex and I used to come here.” It’s a major first date mistakes that women make which makes guys feel uncomfortable.


11. Appearing Emotionally Unstable

OMG! It’s a date, not a therapist appointment. He hasn’t come over to hear about the stressed relationship you have with your sister. The fight you are having with a co-worker.  And so on.

He is your date, not your therapist. If there are issues that you absolutely must vent about, then by all means seek out a therapist. Of course, do so before you think about any serious dating.


12. Assuming He Will Pay The Bill

There is an ongoing argument regarding whether or not the responsibility falls on the guy to pay the bill and frankly, I don’t think the argument is going to end anytime soon.

To some schools of thought, a girl not even offering to split the bill is a deal-breaker. Even if the guy ends up paying, the fact that the girl expects him to makes her seem a teensy bit entitled.

Even if you expected him to pay, it is a good manner to go out prepared to cater for yourself and it’s equally ideal to think of ‘what-ifs.


Wrap It Up!

As you can see, clearly there are a lot of things that can sabotage your first date. These are a few things that women should avoid on a first date if they want to get a second date.

Frankly, none of these is all that hard to follow, but it boils down to how you want the man to treat you, too. So, stick to these easy dating rules to get that second date!

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